Nike x Black History Month – A Day of Service

EVER HIGHER - BROOKLYN DAY OF SERVICE from Game Seven Marketing on Vimeo.

via Emeka Obi's Hypebeast Blog:

'' Nike chose me and some friends to to assist them on a project for Black History Month.

A great way to acknowledge Black History Month is by getting the blackest person you know involved and my skin colors proximity to asphalt at midnight won me the opportunity.

I've never been a fan of the idea of Black History Month. I've always felt it was alienating and sort a cop out to give the abridged version of the contributions of Black Americans to the cultural landscape.

I know this first hand being that every February without fail, i would hand in the same mandatory black history report on Benjamin Banneker, just to be different. Going by the High School curriculum you would thing the only two Black people ever in existence we George Washington Carver and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Black folks are more than peace and peanut butter.

Nike, with this project, is doing a good thing for a small community in Brooklyn which hopefully gets paid forward into greater deeds by greater numbers of people.''

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